Hereford Women


Two $250.00 Hereford Women of Nebraska scholarships will be available each year.  Past and current members of the Nebraska Junior Hereford Association (to age 22) who have graduated from a Nebraska accredited high school and will be entering a university, community college, or trade school may apply.  Applications and letter of reference must be received by the HWN scholarship chairman by May 1.

For scholarship application, 2017 HWN scholarship

2016-2017 Hereford Women of Nebraska
Board of Directors

President -Trudy Nolles- 86732 454th Ave,       Bassett, NE 68714
Vice President – Carrie Ourada-  83594 Gracie Creek Ave,   Burwell, NE 68823
Secretary – Kelsie Musil   1663 Co. Rd.           Wilber, NE 68465
Treasurer – Sarah Person   2205 E. 24th Rd,  Hampton, NE 68843
Director – Robin Meeks  45060 Upstream Rd, Taylor, NE 68879
Director – Karla Person   2203 E. 26th Rd       Hordville, NE 68846
Director – Hally Ziegler    88469  538 Ave        Bloomfield, NE 68718
Director –  Kay Miigerl      24462  Range Rd    Ravenna, NE 68869
Director – Vawn Hula        45478  175th Ave    Creston, NE 68631
National Hereford Women Board member:  Trudy Nolles


Awards: Vawn Hula – chairperson
We give a special award to each Champion Hereford Heifer at each county fair.  We give a cash award to the Champion Hereford Heifer in both the 4-H and FFA division at the Nebraska State Fair, as well as the Champion Nebraska Hereford Heifer at Ak-Sar-Ben.
Membership: Kesie Musil, chairperson
Our membership dues are $25.  $20 are sent to the National Hereford Women for your National dues- $5 are kept in Nebraska to help support various Junior activities we support.
Ways-n-Means: Karla person – chairperson
 We sell many items (Hereford) to help raise money for the various Junior activities we support.
Scholarships: Hally Ziegler – chairperson
 We award scholarships to Nebraska High School graduates.  Contact the chairman for scholarship rules.
Royalty: Carrie Ourada- chairperson
 Young ladies 16-21 years of age interested in serving as Nebraska Hereford Queen should contact the chairperson for more information.  The Hereford Queen is crowned at our annual meeting in November.  Also, young ladies 14-16 interested in serving as Hereford Princess should contact the chairman for more information.
Silent Auction: Kay Miigerl – chairperson