Hereford Women

Hereford Women of Nebraska (HWN)

HWN is an organization to promote the growth and encourage the influence of Hereford cattle, to extend hospitality and assist in developing an image of the Hereford industry, to encourage the young people of Nebraska to learn through actual practice, as well as promote the great potential of Hereford cattle.

HWN does this through many activities.  Some of these include supporting contests and scholarships for the Nebraska Junior Hereford Association as well as the Nebraska Hereford Queen program.

HWN has several trademark “Herfy” items for sale to help with funding the many programs.  To keep up to date with activities, like our Facebook page, or contact our President.  If you would like to invite our Nebraska Hereford Queen to one of your functions, please contact one of the Royalty Committee members. Contact information is below.

Front row: Trudy Nolles, President; Carie Ourada, Vice President; Kelsie Musil-Warta, Secretary; Sarah Person, Treasurer.
Back row: Directors Kay Miigerl, Carol Priefert, Amber Morgan, Hally Ziegler.

2018 Hereford Women of Nebraska

President -Trudy Nolles- 86732 454th Ave,       Bassett, NE 68714
Vice President – Carrie Ourada-  83594 Gracie Creek Ave,   Burwell, NE 68823
Secretary – Kelsie Warta   1663 Co. Rd.           Wilber, NE 68465
Treasurer – Sarah Person   2205 E. 24th Rd,  Hampton, NE 68843
Trudy Nolles is also on the National Hereford Women Board and is currently serving as Vice President.
Director – Hally Ziegler    88469  538 Ave        Bloomfield, NE 68718
Director –  Kay Miigerl      24462  Range Rd    Ravenna, NE 68869
Director –  Amber Morgan
Director – Sarah Nelson
Director – Carol Priefert

Committees –

Awards: Carrie Ourada, Sarah Person
We give a special award to each Champion Hereford Heifer at each county fair.  We give a cash award to the Champion Hereford Heifer in both the 4-H and FFA division at the Nebraska State Fair, as well as the Champion Nebraska Hereford Heifer at Ak-Sar-Ben.
Membership: Sarah Person, Sarah Nelson
Our membership dues are $25.  $20 are sent to the National Hereford Women for your National dues- $5 are kept in Nebraska to help support various Junior activities we support.
Ways-n-Means: Carrie Ourada, Sarah Nelson
 We sell many Hereford items to help raise money for the various Junior activities we support.
Scholarships: Hally Ziegler, Trudy Nolles
 We award scholarships to Nebraska High School graduates.  Contact the chairman for scholarship rules.
Royalty: Kay Miigerl, Trudy Nolles, Amber Morgan, Carol Priefert
Young ladies, 16-21 years of age, interested in serving as Nebraska Hereford Queen should contact the chairperson for more information.  The Hereford Queen is crowned at our annual meeting in November.  Also, young ladies, 14-16, interested in serving as Hereford Princess should contact the chairman for more information.
Silent Auction: Sarah Person, Amber Morgan  



November 2, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jean Priefert, Priefert Farms, Fairmont, Neb., was recognized as Hereford Woman of the Year Oct. 28 during the National Hereford Women (NHW) annual meeting in Kansas City, Mo. Each year the NHW recognizes and honors one woman for her achievements, leadership and dedication to and promotion of the Hereford breed.

A “die-hard Hereford breeder,” Jean has promoted Hereford cattle, supported Hereford youth and welcomed new breeders to the Hereford family for many years.

Jean and her husband, Neil, got their start in the Hereford business with a wedding gift. In the 1950s when they got married, Jean’s parents offered her a choice between a registered polled Hereford cow or an electric automatic washer and dryer — Jean chose the cow and set the foundation for their Hereford operation.

While attending numerous shows and sales, Jean saw a vision for a Hereford women’s organization that would serve Hereford breeders by promoting the breed, fostering opportunities to support youth programs and provide a means of fellowship and networking for women in agriculture.

Jean was one of the 12 founding members of the National Organization of Poll-ettes. She served, chaired and co-chaired numerous committees including the ways and means and cookbook committees. Jean served as president of the Nebraska Poll-ettes from 1968-1969 and stayed active during the mergers of the women’s’ Hereford organizations at the national and state level.

“One thing I have counted on with Jean is that she is always willing to lending a helping hand to promote Herefords and beef to the public,” said Melissa McGee Buehler of Valley Creek Ranch in Fairbury, Neb.

Jean was instrumental in developing the hospitality booth at the Nebraska State Fair, and at Husker Harvest Days she has helped serve Certified Hereford Beef (CHB®) to the public. In her local community, Jean is a 50-year member the Fairmont Community Church and has held offices in the Fairmont Federated Women’s Club. She continues to serve as the beef editor for the Women Involved in Farm Economics quarterly newsletter to help educate women in the group about the beef industry.

Today, you will still see Jean at most cattle events in Nebraska and Kansas talking with new and potential Hereford breeders and promoting beef to the public.

Lori Riffel Hambright of Kanza Cattle & Vineyards, Chapman, Kan., said, “Jean is not one for spotlights, but a steady, loyal supporter who has made big differences today’s people in agriculture benefit from.”


Two $250.00 Hereford Women of Nebraska scholarships will be available each year.  Past and current members of the Nebraska Junior Hereford Association (to age 22) who have graduated from a Nebraska accredited high school and will be entering a university, community college, or trade school may apply.  Applications and letter of reference must be received by the HWN scholarship chairman by May 1.

For scholarship application, 2018 Hereford Women of Nebraska Scholarship